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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

An Underhanded Dig at Cheney

The Socialist European media is at it again, making an underhanded dig at Dick Cheney.

[...]American accusations that European countries ganged up against the Bush administration in the Wolfowitz row hide a deeper worry: that the rapidly declining power at home of the most unpopular, least respected president since Richard Nixon is encouraging multiple challenges to US authority and interests around the world[...]

I get it. Least respected president since Richard Nixon. Let's prejudice people against Cheney (who got his political start in the Nixon Administration) by tarring Richard Nixon. Well, I've got some news for you, socialist European media. Richard Nixon left office with plenty of respect. And these days even many of my socialist democrat friends say that they wish they would prefer Richard Nixon were President today even over George Bush. If anything, Cheney's service in the Nixon administration is to his credit. Sure, Nixon may have at times tried too hard too appeal to the extreme left-wing, such as with the creation of the big-government EPA. But overall he was a strong leader. So sorry, European media. Try again. I know you will.

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