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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Can It, Newty!

Looks like Newt Gingrich has sold out and joined Hugo Chavez and Nancy Pelosi in their slanders on our leaders.

Newt Gingrich is one of those who fear that Republicans have been branded with the label of incompetence. He says that the Bush Administration has become a Republican version of the Jimmy Carter Presidency, when nothing seemed to go right. “It’s just gotten steadily worse,” he said. “There was some point during the Iranian hostage crisis, the gasoline rationing, the malaise speech, the sweater, the rabbit”—Gingrich was referring to Carter’s suggestion that Americans wear sweaters rather than turn up their thermostats, and to the “attack” on Carter by what cartoonists quickly portrayed as a “killer rabbit” during a fishing trip—“that there was a morning where the average American went, ‘You know, this really worries me.’ ” He added, “You hire Presidents, at a minimum, to run the country well enough that you don’t have to think about it, and, at a maximum, to draw the country together to meet great challenges you can’t avoid thinking about.” Gingrich continued, “When you have the collapse of the Republican Party, you have an immediate turn toward the Democrats, not because the Democrats are offering anything better, but on a ‘not them’ basis. And if you end up in a 2008 campaign between ‘them’ and ‘not them,’ ‘not them’ is going to win.”

I didn't see you complaining the last six years as Bush and Cheney implemented parts of your agenda. And you only shut down the federal government for a few days before you became best friends with Clinton. George Bush and Dick Cheney have shut much of it down for six years.

Besides, your comparison of this administration to Jimmy Carter is simply not born out by the facts:

Despite President Bush's low popularity, he is still getting better marks than the weakest ratings for Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter, according to a new analysis from Harris Interactive.

And it looks like Newty has decided not only to turn his back on the Republican party, but has pulled a Tony Blair, and turned his back on the English language itself as well:

Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, aims to soon be able to give interviews in Spanish, according to an article in The Politico, based on an interview with his private Spanish tutor.

How do you say traitor in Spanish?


pissed off patricia said...

Okay, first of all how do you take anyone serious who is named Newt? Don't worry about Newt, I think old shooter and the commander guy can survive his criticism. No one can keep a straight face after you begin a sentence with, Newt said. All they see in their head is that little gecko in the insurance commercial.

Ohio Neocon said...

This is why we need Cheney to run in 08. The Republican field is filled with people who have no morales and lack the integraty that Cheney shows us on a daily basis. Mitt Romney is a Mormon, Rudy Gulliani is a member of the homosexual agenda, and all of the other candidates including that philanthoper Newt (who cheated on his dying wife!) are basically horrible candidates. If we don't get Cheney to run then it looks like the democRat party might be in the Oval office, and we know how bad that will be!

Lola Heatherton said...

Dear Mr. Neocon, Rudy Guiliani is not a member of the Homosexual Agenda. I know, because I blog over there, and he's never posted anything.

And as for Newt, what Patricia said is true. He's got such a silly name. Makes me think of baby froggies.

Ohio Neocon said...

Ms. Heatherton,

I beg to differ about Rudy and the homosexual agenda. Perhaps he writes under an assumed name, but any man who wears a dress is certainly a member of the Homosexual Agenda!

Woody Tobias, Jr. said...

'skuze me. Doesn't Mr. Newt have a shiny nose?

pissed off patricia said...

Woody, the shiny thing you saw wasn't his nose.