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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dick Cheney's a Real Man

While some people on the left, lacking anything of substance with which to criticize Cheney, in desperation are trying to imply that the man is gay, the fact of the matter is that Cheney is the very personification of masculine vigor.

I will say that although it is pretty difficult to dispute that in every major decision in which Cheney has been involved over the past six years, the man has been right, I think there is one area were it is true that Cheney's leadership could have been more evident, and that is the fact that he allowed his daughter to become gay.

Although like many gays, Mary Cheney was tempted into homosexuality during the anything-goes licentiousness of the Clinton years, some might wonder why Dick Cheney didn't do more to keep her from making the wrong choice. In fact some would say that Cheney himself even gave in to temptation during this period, for a time relying on his charisma to pursue an acting career in Hollywood.

But it is evident that Cheney has learned from his mistakes,abandoning Hollywood to fight the good fight against islamofascism, and in the process Cheney's leadership becoming even more decisive. And it is in part this decisiveness we have come to associate with Cheney that makes the man such an attractive candidate in 2008.

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DivaJood said...

Gay. Definately gay. He was in Farenheit 9/11, a Michael Moore film. Proves it.