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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Biased Media Coverage on Torture

A thought-provoking article:

Torture. The word has been constantly thrown about by the world press in harsh and constant critiques of the United States conduct in the War on Terror. Such never-ending harping and sniping, it is claimed, is motivated solely by the press’s concern for human rights, not at all by any virulent and deep seated anti-Americanism or a pathological political vendetta against George W. Bush.

[...]Strange then, that the recent discovery in Iraq (which has no relationship to the so-called War on Terror), of a graphic how-to guide to torture, published by Al Qaeda for the training of its operatives, has received so little coverage by the usually human-rights obsessed mainstream media.

Indeed, why does the liberal media focus its outrage on the United States' justified use of enhanced terrorist interrogations, and not the methods employed by the terrorists? Similarly, why does the left-wing media attack the United States for not having ratified the economy-busting Kyoto accord, and yet say nothing about the fact that Al-Qaida has not ratified the agreement? How can we ever win the war on terror hobbled by carbon emissions caps that the enemy does not face? Is the media on America's side or not? Somebody in a cave somewhere in Iraq is watching CNN and smiling.

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