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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cheney, Using Influence, Slashes Clinton Deficits

President Bill Clinton promised surpluses on paper but in fact left us saddled with huge deficits and a recession. But despite President Bush's tendency to at times lean a bit too much toward the left-wing big spending agenda, Dick Cheney has cut the deficit over half from where it was just after Clinton left office.

Additional war spending this year will push the federal deficit to a record $427 billion [...]effectively thwarting President Bush's pledge to begin stanching the flow of government red ink, according to new administration budget forecasts unveiled yesterday.

Looks like thanks to Dick Cheney, President Bush's pledge has been restored.


Jeff said...

It's funny how the media doesn't even talk about this stuff. But the truth needs to get out. Keep up the good fight!

TDharma said...

your link to 'cut the deficit' links to Iraq article.

I'm a tad confused by your assertion that Cheney cut the deficit Clinton left us with. It's the first time I've heard the surplus Clinton built up labeled as a deficit. Sources?

Even staunch Republicans are inflammed over the irresponsible fiscal policies of this Bush/Cheney administration.

(so glad I have Cheney to 'protect' me....)

Anonymous said...

Are you completely insane?