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Monday, May 21, 2007

Cheney 'muscular,' 'eminently believable'

Thanks to the work of this website, and a groundswell of Cheney support all over the country, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Liberal media to ignore the significant qualifications and accomplishments of Dick Cheney:

Sometimes Cheney's muscular messages, such as those he sounded on his just-ended trip to the Middle East, seem at odds with more modulated ones coming from other parts of the administration, including a new diplomatic overture to Iran and conciliatory remarks by the president toward Democrats on a war spending bill.

"I think what they've decided finally to do is to play good cop, bad cop instead of bad cop, bad cop as they've been doing for six years," said GOP consultant Rich Galen. "The good cop, bad cop scenario only works if the 'bad cop' is believable. Cheney is eminently believable. It's a role in which I think he is very comfortable."

That seems about right. And let's put that into context. Candidate Cheney brings extraordinary assets to the field. Believability is an important quality in a president. Eminent believability is even more important. And the fact that he is muscular helps as well (not least of all with the women's vote).


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