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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

George Bush Deserves Credit for War in Iraq, GWOT

I've gotten a couple of emails from people who have said that I have been unfair in my coverage of President Bush. They say that I give all the credit to Cheney, and that I am dismissive of Bush's accomplishments.

Let me say now, Bush does deserve some credit. He gave the go-ahead on the Iraq war (despite ignoring some of Cheney's plans which would have made success more imminent), and as a result, millions of Iraqi girls who were afraid to go to school under Saddam Hussein's Islamic state are now free to go, possibly to a state-of-the-art air conditioned school built by the United States.

And because Bush had the foresight to declare a war against terror itself, many terrorists have been killed, thus making terrorism more deadly, and as a result many young children who otherwise might be attracted to terrorism are just saying "No," not wanting to be part of something against which a war has been declared. Osama bin Laden is trying to figure out why people keep dropping out of Al Qaeda and the Taliban is constantly losing soldiers, both to universities, and the newly bustling free-market Afghan economy. The madrassahs are losing all of their students because they are transferring to the freshly built public schools.

Every day in the Middle East is step forward for Democracy, and backward for terror. The news media just wants to focus on a few admittedly persistent problems, but I will give Bush credit for these valiant deeds. Nonetheless, this war could not possibly have been as succesful without Cheney's wisdom and guidance.


pissed off patricia said...

I don't give out my email address. Something I learned not to do a long time ago when I received a terribly frightening email. If you care to ask me a question, please do it here. Thank you so much.

Yes bush does deserve credit for the war in Iraq and history will give it to him, but it won't be positive credit.

I'm still trying to decide if your site is real or if it's satire.

Cheney08 said...

I'm sorry about your experience with the email. Perhaps you could set up an email with no identifying information so people could contact you. Thanks for stopping by to check out the site.

veterandem said...

Who in their right mind would want credit for an unmitigated disaster? Uh, well I guess I answered my own question.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh I can't wait for the CourtTV coverage of the "BUSH/CHENEY WARCRIMES TRIAL '09". Right after the CSPAN coverage of their impeachment. Interim President Pelosi is gonna buttfuck both of them.