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Monday, June 11, 2007

Will Democrats Apologize After Gonzales Exoneration?

I've made no secret here before of my admiration for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, a man who seems to symbolize a new generation of leadership in today's Republican party. Democrats are clearly threatened by the fact that a Hispanic possessed of such intellect and ability would be a member of the Republican party, to the extent that in a way they have become obsessed. Indeed, over the last several weeks, it has been hard to watch the liberal news without hearing some liberal democrat saying the words "Gonzales resign."

So Democrats, in typical fashion of the type of tactics embraced by the Nancy Pelosi-Hugo Chavez leftists of today, marched full steam with their political theatrics. They decided they would throw everything they had at Gonzales, and wait for something to stick.

But there was one thing they didn't realize. Gonzales was too smart for them. Not only was there no evidence of his having done anything wrong to begin with, but he didn't get caught up in the democrats' clever semantic traps either. Gonzales answered every question, and answered them honestly, and left the hapless democrats with nothing.

Finally, today, the desperate democrats decided to give it one last go, in an unheard of socialist-style vote of no-confidence. Well, the move backfired majorly. Even the democrat led Senate was compelled to exonerate Gonzales of wrongdoing. Now there are two new words that people are starting to say in reference to Alberto Gonzales: Teflon Gonzo. Whether or not the democrats decide to apologize to Gonzales, one thing is sure: his stock has risen significantly from this ordeal.


Ohio Neocon said...

Although I agree with you for all of this post, I must make one thing clear, although 99.99999999999% of the democRat party has fallen into the spell of Chavezistas like Pelosi, there is one who has started to move away from this obviously wrongheaded socialist party: Joe Lieberman. The defeatocRats tried to purge him from the party when he supported precedent Bush, but they were unsuccessful and he was reelected as an Independent in November. Joe should be looked upon as what the future of the democrat party may hold if they give up they're socialist agenda. I don't agree with Joe on all issues, but he gives a breath of fresh air and reason to an un-American pro-Chavez party and may be able to bring the democrat party back to the real world.

Anonymous said...

The only thing wrong with your love letter to Gonzales (besides the grammar and spelling mistakes) is it's simply not true. Gonzales did not answer every question and the ones he did answer, he didn't answer honestly.

This attorney scandal exposed yet another way the Republicans plan to suppress votes so they can steal the next presidential election (making it three in a row). It’s also about the far right takeover of the justice department (like virtually every other government department has been taken over - via hiring people based on their loyalty to Bush versus their skill set). If you think those are good things, then so be it. But it has nothing to do with democracy or competency in government.

Gonzales does not serve the people of the United States (as he's mandated to), he's just another useless 'yes' man that gives Bush whatever he wants.

Cheney08 said...

Ohio, I agree with you on Lieberman...if the democrats want to end their electoral losing streak, they would be well served to follow the lead of this great man...but of course they won't.


Your selective use of and misrepresentation of facts are mindboggling. With regard to Gonzales answering questions fully and honestly, even President Bush himself acknowledged as much.

And the president is permitted to fire US attorneys at will, just as Clinton did and just as Bush Sr. and Reagan did. And it is not surprising that the people the president appoints to those positions would be members of his own party; that is just the way politics works, and has worked with presidents of both parties.

Hope that clears things up for you.

Anonymous said...

You keep drinking that cool-aid brother, no one else is going to do it. The rest of us not in denial will save the country for ya. You can thank us later.