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Friday, June 8, 2007

What Democrat Civility?

The leadership of the democrat party rarely misses a chance to point out an alleged lack of "civility" on the part of Republicans, although anything that Republicans have done pales in comparison to what the democrats do every day. The liberal media likes to play up these allegations, while in typical fashion ignoring democrats' manifest lack of civility.

Here is another outrageous example, caught on video, and let me warn you: it is disgusting.

In this video, democrat Alabama Senator Lowell Barron makes a mockery of our Democratic process (and the Alabama Senate). Apparently, when he doesn't get his way through the legislative process, he chooses to resort to violence, and punches Republican Senator Charles Bishop in the face.

This is the typical arrogant attitude of democrats today like Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean, but the liberal media says nothing about it.


pissed off patricia said...

'cept it was the other way around. The hitter was is a Republican't.

I know, I know, anything for a little sympathy. ;)

Anonymous said...

i like the video you have up. it's like all things republican, here today, stolen tomorrow.

FaronAccurate said...

you have the puncher and punchee backwards, Bro. It was Republican Charles Bishop laying the wood to Dem Lowell Barron. Even Fox got this right.

This is a parody site, though, so you can call it however you want I guess.

Anonymous said...

He should have put a boot in his arse as well good job!