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Saturday, June 2, 2007

A Ridiculous Prosecutor

A great question from Dan K. Thomasson, former Editor for Scripps-Howard News Service:

WASHINGTON -- What in the world did former vice presidential aide Scooter Libby ever do to special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald to make him so angry? Fitzgerald now wants the federal court to throw the book at Libby as the final step in one of the most graphically unfair, ridiculous investigations and prosecutions in the history of the Republic.

There really has to be something personal here. One would think the Chicago prosecutor with a reputation for self-righteousness had a bone to pick with Libby from the very start.

That's a great question: what is Patrick Fitzgerald's problem? Why is he aiding and abetting treason? To answer that question, you need only look at geography: Patrick Fitzgerald hails from the liberal state of Illinois, which has elected socialist Barack Hussein to the Senate, and he is also from the very liberal city of Chicago. As a poster on an extreme left wing website acknowledged:

As a lifelong Chicagoan, I can say that there IS no Republican party in Chicago. Although I wish our mayor were a bit more progressive, Chicago's just about as liberal as any city in America.

I grew up in Hyde Park, a racially integrated South Side neighborhood and by far the most liberal neighborhood in Chicago. It is home to the University of Chicago. Growing up in Hyde Park taught me to be tolerant, compassionate, and to always vote Democrat.

There IS no Republican party in Chicago, and everyone votes for the democrat party. And left-wing democrat prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has turned the respected office of US Attorney into a ridiculous partisan democrat hack shop, jeopardizing national security for political purposes in the process.

Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby should jointly file an interpleader suit for treason against Patrick Fitzgerald and Valerie Plame.

And Former Editor for Scripps-Howard News Service Thomasson also asks us this:

Perhaps Libby is fortunate that Fitzgerald didn't ask for the death penalty. He probably would have if he could have. Federal District Judge Reggie Walton will make the decision on June 5, and he needs to start asking questions about the severity of this request.

Haven't the taxpayers spent enough on this nonsense?

These are the right questions to ask this craven man, but you won't hear them asked by the mainstream media. And another question: what about the cost of this frivolous prosecution ( by a frivolous democrat prosecutor)? And what about the cost of all these frivolous investigations into the war? Why waste the money? It's enough to anger anyone.


Anonymous said...

a couple of problems here - Fitzgerald is not from Chicago. He was born in Brooklyn and raised in Flatbush.

While working in Chicago he has put top politicians in jail and not just Republicans. He's a professional prosecutor not a politician. He puts the law above all else. AND he's a Republican not a Democrat. He was nominated by former Illinois Senator Peter Fitzgerald, a Republican, and has always identified as Republican.

He was also on the list of US Attorneys to be fired by whomever was making the decisions. His prosecution of the LIbby case probably prevented his "firing" because it would have looked obviously "political." I'd bet that he was #1 on that list.

True, Chicago is a Democratic city, but then why is Wyoming Republican? It is culture and tradition. Oh, and little things called economics, povery, ethnicity, race.... Chicago is not actually a haven for WASP's. Jackson, on the other hand.... The Republicans in Chicago [Yes, there are some.] have never advocated anything for the city and its people and most are not even from Chicago. They're considered interlopers.

The national Republican Party has been envious of the Chicago "machine" and how well it works and for so long. It has been trying to recreate it for the last few decades on a national scale. The problem? The core of constituents is all of one mind - rightist. The core of Chicago's constituents is its diversity. Everyone gets a piece of the pie. It has tried to be as inclusive as possible.

Am I from Chicago? Absolutely, and very proud of it. Am I a Democrat? No, I'm more middle of the road than I probably should be and more issue oriented than anything else. Do I approve of what Patrick Fitzgerald does? Not all of the time, but I have been impressed by his fairness and even handedness and his courage to stand in the face of all the flack and obstacles put in front of him.

Do I think he's angry at Libby? No, I think he's probably frustrated with the ignominious behavior of the people behind this entire incident, their audacity, and that they have probably been throwing roadblocks up that even the Chicago "machine" would never use. The Republican party never handles scandal well. Chicago just takes a big breath, squares up its big shoulders and moves on.

Anonymous said...

waste of money on frivolous prosecution! what abou the $50,000,000 waste on Whitewater that had ended up with the republican prosecutor saying thier was insufficent evidence? jeez....

Corms said...

Dude, this is either a really great satire on theocon idiocy or you're a couple of Fruit Loops short of a full bowl. Patrick Fitzgerald is not from Chicago and never lived in Chicago until he became the US Attorney. He became the US Attorney when the Republican led Senate confirmed him after Republican President George W. Bush had nominated him after Illinois Republican Senator Peter Fitzgerald recommended him to the president based on a recommendation by Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch. But yeah, he's a liberal Democrat who's publicly stated that he admired Ronald Reagan.

Cheney08 said...

Second Anonymous:

what abou the $50,000,000 waste on Whitewater that had ended up with the republican prosecutor saying thier was insufficent evidence? jeez....

Have you forgotten about a little thing called impeachment? Jeeze, you liberals have short memories.

First anonymous, Corms: So you have established that Patrick Fitzgerald wasn't even originally from Chicago, but actually chose to live in a place where there is no Republican party and socialists like Barack Obama are elected to the senate. If you move to a commune, you've got to be a hippy, and if it quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.

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